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Below are just a few of the wonderful collections that are available in Archiverse.

The Frick Collection



Hofestra University

Egyptain Collection


Harvard University

Thayer Expedition to Brazil


New York Public Library

Federal Theatre Project Collection


National History Museum

Ceremonial Objects


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Costume Institute


New York Public Library

Yiddish Theatre Collection

What our Customers Are Saying

We partner with different types of organizations all over the world to give you access to their historical content and treasures.
Both administration and students have been impressed with the services we provide through Archiverse; we’re able to show how much our staff distributes, and others interest in our materials. We’ve had several staff approach us with materials to add to the database, and we’ve even uncovered collections we didn’t realize we had.
Beverly Lysobey, Digital Commons and Resource Management LibrarianSacred Heart University
A perfect antidote to dowdy and shabby web pages, Archiverse is a shining exemplar of improving access: well-presented, modular, and user-friendly.
Matthew Rimmer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of ResearchANU College of Law
As a relatively small university, Archiverse has allowed us to have a functional repository service live to the world in a very short space of time. The attitude and engagement of the staff has been impressive. They have been attentive and responsive and that has been instrumental in our success with the project.
Stephen McVey, Director Library ServicesUniversity of Notre Dame

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What we can do for you

Archiverse is an elegantly simple platform that manages and provides access to historical materials and objects. Some of the many benefits for institutions and researchers include:

  • Easy way to publish content online.
  • Easy way to search archival content online. Able to search multiple ways.
  • One central location for accessing these educational resources.
  • One central location for institutional operations. Quicker turn around, increased efficiency, greater amount of outreach.
  • No special training required. Accessible from any computer.
  • User-friendly interface. Reliable service and support.


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